Fiery Springfield motorcycle crash traumatizes witnesses

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Motorcycle accidents may result in significant personal injuries for the victim of the wreck. Broken bones, road rash, brain injuries and other forms of injury are common as riders do not have a metal shell, air bags and seat belts to serve as protection when an accident erupts. But, most vehicles on the road carry flammable materials to power the vehicle. When a motor vehicle accident occurs, there may be a potential for one or more machines involved to burst into flames, which can cause burn injuries for victims of a wreck.

A fiery crash in Springfield, Massachusetts, Tuesday morning left a motorcycle rider was serious injuries after the bike erupted into flames. Witnesses to the crash say that the incident left a lasting impression. 22News reports that some witnesses were traumatized by the motorcycle accident–onlookers were taken to the hospital, according to the media account.

The accident occurred in chain-reaction form. Authorities say that the initial impact involved a motorcycle and a sport utility vehicle at the intersection of State Street and Spring Street at around 11:00 Tuesday morning. The rider was trapped underneath the motorcycle, which police say burst into flames. The motorcycle rider suffered burn injuries from the incident.

A police officer pulled the bike off of the accident victim, before the incident expanded into a three vehicle wreck, according to WWLP. A second motorcyclist crashed into the wreckage at the intersection.

Both motorcyclists required hospitalization after the wreck. The rider who suffered burn injuries was transferred via air ambulance from a Springfield hospital to Boston for treatment.

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