Police: Driver texts that she is drunk before Attleboro accident

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Two teens had what must have been a terrifying experience as the two were riding in a car early Saturday in Attleboro, Massachusetts. The 18-year-old woman behind the wheel says that she saw a car driving on the wrong side of the road, traveling directly toward her and her friend. The teen says that she began to flash her high beams to alert the oncoming car to the danger–to no avail.

Authorities say that the two cars collided head-on around 3:30 in the morning on a winding road. The two accident victims suffered personal injuries in the wreck as their car was totaled.

Authorities say that the accident victims suffered broken bones in the crash. As for the 20-year-old driver who reportedly was driving on the wrong side of the road? She is accused of drunk driving in the wreck.

Police say that the woman denied being drunk and handed over a cellphone. Authorities say that a text message sent earlier in the morning before the wreck indicates that the woman thought she was drunk when she sent the text. Police report that the text message sent from the driver’s cellphone reads, “Ah so drunk,” according to My Fox Boston.

The alleged wrong-way driver is accused of drunk driving in the injury accident. Authorities say that the 20-year-old Norton, Massachusetts woman tested at 0.15 percent alcohol concentration after the wreck.

Wrong way collisions (at any speed) can leave accident victims with any number of injuries. The two teen victims reportedly suffered broken wrists in the wreck. The National Transportation Safety Board says that (based upon 2012 numbers) nearly 400 people are killed in wrong-way crashes each year, many more are injured and about 60 percent of wrong-way wrecks involve drunk driving accidents.

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