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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Know the limits on insurance coverage in motorcycle accidents

We've been discussing one particular theme over the past few weeks here on our Worcester personal injury law blog. We looked at a motorcycle accident that resulted in a head injury, and we discussed some of the medical expenses that a motorcycle accident victim might expect to incur with such an injury. Today we'll round out this topic with a few notes on what legal rights victims can exercise in an attempt to recover compensation for these and other losses.

Motorcycle accident victims' average medical costs

Any motorcycle enthusiast in Worcester will tell you that there's nothing like the thrill and the freedom of the open road. Unfortunately, negligent drivers pose serious risks to motorcyclists. Riders are particularly vulnerable to injury in a car vs. motorcycle collision, and the costs of those injuries can have additional consequences. Let's take a look at some of the data one federal agency found in reviewing the costs of injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes.

Motorcycle accident victim suffers head injury in Worcester

With the long, warm days gradually drawing to a close as fall is upon us here in Worcester, many are getting outside for some last-minute fresh air and what sunshine they can get before winter. Motorcycles are a great way to enjoy the mild weather and beautiful fall colors. But motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to injury on the road, as a recent motorcycle accident demonstrates.

Massachusetts policeman killed in head-on motorcycle accident

Some car and truck drivers will argue that motorcycles are difficult to see. Some may say that motorcyclists need to be cautious around cars and that they may be taking a risk operating those types of vehicles. Negligent drivers who cause a motorcycle accident will offer up all manner of excuses in order to try to pin liability back on the motorcyclist. But particularly in a fatal motorcycle crash, victims' families should be aware that they have rights to pursue compensation for their losses.

Rear-end motorcycle accident raises liability questions

Rear-end accidents, people often assume, are the fault of the driver who hits the car in front. It is true that drivers behind another car must be ready for that car to slow down or stop, and not follow that car too closely. However, this is not a black-and-white issue: sometimes liability is more complicated, and that can be particularly important in a motorcycle accident.

Rider injured in motorcycle accident on dangerous Worcester road

The winter of 2014 saw record-breaking cold temperatures and snow across many parts of the country. Here in Worcester, residents are finally putting the long cold winter behind them and beginning to engage in some of their favorite warm-weather pastimes once again. Motorcyclists in particular look forward to tuning up their rides and getting out on the open Massachusetts roads, which also makes springtime an important time for motorcyclists and other drivers alike to reflect on the serious danger that larger vehicles pose in the event of a motorcycle collision.

Trucker contacts authorities after Uxbridge fatal accident

A resident of a group home for mentally challenged individuals was killed in an alleged hit-and-run accident on Balm of Life Spring Road Sunday evening. Authorities say that the 55-year-old man was killed as he walked along the road around 7:45 p.m. The driver of the vehicle that struck and killed the pedestrian did not remain at the scene after the fatal pedestrian accident. Authorities say that there is no sidewalk along the road where the tragic event occurred.

Framingham firefighter severely injured in motorcycle accident

The number of people who ride motorcycles has been increasing over the past decade or so according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Unfortunately, the number of motorcycle accidents across the nation has also risen. The CDC says that motorcycle fatalities increased about 55 percent from 2001 to 2008. Non-fatal accidents that involved injuries sufficient to require hospitalization also increased during the same time frame (the latest data available from the agency).

Spencer Police: Ford broadsides motorcycle in intersection

Intersections can be among the most dangerous places for a motorcyclist. Even in relatively low speed crashes at an intersection a motorcyclist mat suffer serious or life-threatening injuries. Inattention, speeding, the failure to yield and many other things can lead to a crash in an intersection, and because a rider is essentially exposed to a much greater extent than a person in a car, riders may often suffer serious injuries (or worse) in a wreck.

Fiery Springfield motorcycle crash traumatizes witnesses

Motorcycle accidents may result in significant personal injuries for the victim of the wreck. Broken bones, road rash, brain injuries and other forms of injury are common as riders do not have a metal shell, air bags and seat belts to serve as protection when an accident erupts. But, most vehicles on the road carry flammable materials to power the vehicle. When a motor vehicle accident occurs, there may be a potential for one or more machines involved to burst into flames, which can cause burn injuries for victims of a wreck.

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