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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Motorcycle accidents likely to occur in certain common situations

Driving defensively is something that is immensely helpful to a variety of travelers. This includes everyday commuters, truck drivers and motorcyclists. When it comes to avoiding accidents, everyone who uses the road has the responsibility of following the law. In addition to being a lawful driver, there are extra steps one can take to avoid dangerous and often deadly collisions with motorcycles.

Safety tips from Massachusetts' Motorcycle Manual

Individuals who desire to own and ride a motorcycle in the state of Massachusetts must obtain a special license from the state. Prospective bikers must first obtain a Class M learner's permit from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, then they can obtain a Class M license. Interestingly, one does not need to have a Class D driver's license - the "regular" driver's license most residents likely already have - in order to obtain a Class M license and lawfully ride motorcycles.

Grandmother dies in Worcester hospital after motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are an extremely popular form of both recreation and transportation. There are, however, certain stereotypes about the type of people who ride motorcycles. When many people think of the terms motorcyclist or biker, they may picture a tough-looking man or a rebellious youth. In reality, all types of people ride motorcycles and thus many different people may become victims of motorcycle accidents.

Are some motorcycles safer than others?

Many drivers in the Worcester area likely checked out the safety ratings of their cars before buying the vehicles. Likewise, those who ride motorcycles are probably also interested in the safety of their machines. After all, a motorcycle rider has much less protection than someone in an enclosed car; while all drivers want to be safe, motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable.

West Brookfield crash typifies many motorcycle accidents

Both during the summer and year-round, Worcester drivers need to be aware of everyone and everything on the road in front of them. Particularly during the warmer months, though, there are likely to be many different types of conveyances on local roadways, from bicycles to skateboards to motorcycles. Recently, a serious motorcycle accident resulted in injuries in West Brookfield; the accident typified many motorcycle wrecks which occur throughout the year.

Assertive advocates for motorcycle accident victims

By mid-May, temperatures in Worcester tend to be growing warmer every day. While the weather may still be variable this time of year, some local residents are likely eager to take their motorcycles, scooters or mopeds out on the road. Unfortunately, just as motorcycles are on the road this time of year, negligent drivers are a threat year-round. If one has been in a motorcycle accident, there are legal options for recovering against the negligent party.

Woman sentenced after Worcester County motorcycle accident

Worcester residents likely know the dangers of riding a motorcycle. Even with this knowledge, though, some still choose to throw on some leather and take off on a Harley. After all, motorcycling gives riders a sense of freedom. Unfortunately, it also puts riders at greater risk of becoming involved in an accident than those in more traditional and protected modes of transportation.

Focus on your recovery following a motorcycle accident

In the popular media, there is a perception that motorcycle riders are dangerous. Motorcyclists are often seen breaking laws, riding recklessly or at excessive speeds. However, in reality, most motorcyclists are law abiding citizens. They are people that enjoy the flexibility, fuel efficiency and thrill of a motorcycle. However, they are still at great risk of a motorcycle accident -- but, not one caused by their own actions, but the negligence of other drivers.

Keeping safe on motorcycles in Massachusetts

Motorcycles are a fun way for Massachusetts residents to get around. Not only are they fun, though, they can also be economical since they keep fuel prices low. Despite these advantages, a motorcycle's small size makes it an easy target for larger vehicles to miss. Negligent drivers often fail to take the time to notice motorcyclists and cause serious and deadly accidents.

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