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workplace accidents and workers' compensation Archives

Dealing with a repetitive strain injury

People sustain many different types of injuries while they are working, whether someone is injured due to debris falling on them while they are working on a construction site or someone is involved in a motor vehicle collision while performing their job duties. However, some injuries may occur after prolonged exposure to various job-related stressors. Repetitive strain injuries may seem relatively minor, at least in comparison to falling off of a building or being struck by another vehicle at high speeds. However, these injuries can be very debilitating and have shattered the lives of countless workers across Massachusetts.

Following an employee death, coworkers push for adequate safety

When people think of industries that pose the biggest threat to workers' safety, one that may not immediately cross their mind is aviation. While flying can certainly pose risks to everyone on board, what about the workers who manage safety protocols on the ground and are actively loading and unloading aircraft? These workers in Massachusetts face unique risks as their job requires significant physical exertion, close contact with large machinery and potentially dangerous equipment and sometimes difficult visibility. 

Understanding the scope of your workers' compensation policy

When you are going through the process of being recruited for a new job in Massachusetts, you will spend as much time interviewing your potential employer as they will spend interviewing you. One of the areas that you should ask about is how their workers' compensation policy works. Once hired, a good employer will spend considerable time making sure you understand your rights in the event you are injured on the job. At Ellis Law Offices LLP, we have been able to help injured workers to utilize the maximum of their workers' compensation policy. 

Work injuries down, but workplace violence up in Massachusetts

Hearing that the number of workplace injuries and fatalities is down in Massachusetts is good news for employees all around the state. The Daily Hampshire Gazette reported the good news, stating that the number of fatal accidents has remained nearly the same over the last few years.

Man dies in running engine of crane

Anyone in Massachusetts who works in the construction industry knows that there are many dangers on a job site. Working in close proximity to or even directly with large and heavy machinery items like cement mixers, forklifts, backhoes, excavators and more is one of the things that may put a construction worker in harm's way. Safety protocol should always be in place to ensure that workers are not inadvertently injured or killed.

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