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Medical malpractice claims and the dangers of robotic surgery

Robots have been assisting surgeons in the operation room since the 1980s, but as technology has advanced robots are being used to perform more complex operations. As Da Vinci Robots have come under fire for many medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits, patients considering robotic surgery should be aware of the associated risks.

Guiding you through a medical malpractice action

We all need to see a doctor at one point or another. Whether it is for a yearly check up, because you are ill, were injured in an accident or are suffering from a medical condition, we rely on medical professionals to provide us with adequate information regarding our health and best course of treatment. Unfortunately, medical professionals are prone to errors just like any other person; however, these errors could cost a patient his or her health or life.

Take action against surgical errors

It's a scary thought thinking about surgery. It is something you believe you can go without ever needing in life, but when our health fails, we are injured or we are living with a condition or a disease, surgery can be necessary. Although it is an overwhelming and scary situation, it could also be life-saving as well. Unfortunately, surgeons are humans subject to human errors. This means, despite their education and expertise, surgical errors could occur. A patient could suffer tremendously even if the mistake is minor or simple.

Fight for your rights after a diagnostic error

When you are ill or injured, your first instinct is to seek medical attention. We rely on the knowledge and expertise of medical professionals to properly assess our health and determine an appropriate course of treatment. When treating patients in Massachusetts and elsewhere, medical professionals are required to meet a certain standard of care. If this standard is not met, whether due to negligence or errors, a patient could suffer much harm.

Did your doctor fail in the duty of care?

Let's say you visit a Massachusetts doctor seeking diagnosis of various symptoms your body is presenting. Perhaps you haven't been feeling well but can't put your finger on why. If your doctor says there's really no reason to suspect you are suffering anything other than fatigue and stress, and you later learn you have a serious health problem that likely should have been obvious to a licensed physician, who is responsible for any illness or injuries you may have suffered in the meantime?

What are concurrent surgeries?

Worcester, Massachusetts patients who have to go under the knife for any surgical procedure, and especially a significant one, probably do so under the assumption that their doctor is going to be attending to them in the operating room from the start of the procedure until they are moved into recovery.

Are there damage caps in medical negligence cases?

As this blog has discussed previously, Massachusetts residents are entitled to receive compensation if their doctor's errors cause them to experience worsened symptoms or, in some cases, further injury their bodies. A Worcester resident can seek out this compensation by submitting a medical malpractice claim and, if that fails, filing suit for damages.

3 surgical errors that could leave you seeking compensation

At some point in your life, you likely needed some sort of medical attention. Though medical professionals' duties involve helping you and other people to the best of their abilities in hopes of addressing your medical ailments, it may prove difficult to place complete trust in physicians, surgeons, nurses and other hospital staff. This wariness may seem warranted as placing your life in the hands of other people likely does not feel like the most comfortable or natural experience.

Four Ways Doctors' Treatment of Obese Patients Can Result in Malpractice Claims

Those with obesity are having trouble fitting into more than their clothes. In many cases, they are finding it difficult to fit into a healthcare system that often does a better job of serving patients who are thin. Treatment of obese patients by hospitals, doctors, and nurses could be considered malpractice if proper treatment is not provided. Here are some common concerns.

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