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Why have vehicle-related fatalities risen?

We all have our preferred way of getting around. Depending on the time of year, residents in Massachusetts and elsewhere may be more compelled to get to their destinations on foot, by bike or in a motor vehicle. No matter what form of transportation an individual uses, he or she is faced with certain risks. These risks stem from motorists not being attentive to their surroundings or being reckless. Such conduct is often the culprit of a serious or even fatal collision.

Man injured when attempting to cross the road with family

With holiday celebrations in full swings, residents in Massachusetts and elsewhere have a busy schedule completing all their holiday activities. While this typically includes decorating the house, buying gifts, attending parties and going to family gatherings, it also means traveling to places to see the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. Because of that, many individuals and families find themselves outside walking near traffic. While it is not uncommon for motorists to encounter pedestrians, they may not be prepared to deal with the influx of pedestrians during this time of year.

Increased rate of fatal automobile collisions

When drivers are in a rush, distracted or intoxicated, this negligence and recklessness behind the wheel of a vehicle could be the culprit for some of the most severe crashes. Based on current national statistics, the risk faced by all travelers on the road, cyclists and pedestrians included, has increased. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a study of fatal motor vehicle accidents that occurred in 2016. Based on this study, 37,461 individuals were killed in collisions that occurred on U.S. roadways last year. This is a 5.6 percent increase from the previous year, amounting in nearly 2,000 more deaths.

One killed in a four-car crash in Massachusetts

While automobiles are very convenient for travel, they do pose many risks. Unfortunately, not all drivers are safe and follow the rules of the road. Distractions occur and fatigue happens, making car accidents a real possibility at any point a person is traveling on the roadways.

Investigation ensues after 2 children were struck by vehicle

Whether you are young or old, traveling by foot is a convenient way for residents in Massachusetts to get around depending on where you are and where you seek to go. However, with any form of transportation, there are some dangers associated. And with being a pedestrian, there is the risk of being hit by a motor vehicle. If a driver is not paying attention or driving safely, this could result in a serious pedestrian accident.

Do large truck underride guard requirements need an update? P.2

Last time, we began looking at the topic of underride guards, current federal safety regulations for underride guards, and ongoing efforts to make these safety requirements stricter. As we noted, those who have been working toward stricter underride guard requirements have faced significant inertia among lawmakers.

Do large truck underride guard requirements need an update? P.1

Truck accidents can take a variety of forms, but one type of truck accident readers may not be as aware of is underride collisions. These accidents occur when a motorist’s vehicle slides underneath the body of a truck and is crushed. Such accidents are particularly deadly, and there is a fight to make these types of accidents rarer. 

What are the Hours of Service rules and why do they matter to truck accident victims?

Truck accidents—like other motor vehicle accidents—can occur for a variety of reasons, some of them preventable and some of them less preventable. Whenever a truck accident occurs, it is critical for accident victims to have their case thoroughly evaluated to determine what potentially liable parties were involved, what legal claims and damages may be appropriate, and to gather the strongest possible evidence to support these claims and damages.

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