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Birth Injury Archives

Taking action when birth injury harms your child

We are vulnerable. Even lives that have just begun are not safe from harms and dangers. It is a sad reality to think that an unborn or newborn baby could endure harm from the negligence of medical professionals. Whether it's improper care during pregnancy or mistakes made during the labor and delivery process, birth injuries could alter the life of a newborn the moment they are born.

Complications with a breech delivery

When you discover that you are pregnant, you never expect to encounter any risks or complications. You think about the joy of your impending birth, expecting that you will have a normal and healthy delivery. Unfortunately, normal complications can arise. This can place parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere in a difficult predicament. For mothers-to-be who are told that their baby is breech, this often means planning and preparing for a C-section. However, some doctors may attempt to do a vaginal birth.

How often are C-sections performed?

Preparing to give birth is an exciting time for mothers and families in Massachusetts and elsewhere. While parents spend months prepping their lives for their first or next child, the unexpected can occur. Although birth plans lay out the wishes of the mother, these plans still need to be flexible for complications or even medical emergencies occurring during labor and delivery. While a vaginal birth might be the initial plan of a mother, she might require a C-section if something goes wrong. Although this is a surgery routinely conducted by Ob-gyns, this does not mean risks are not involved. Even more so, if the procedure is not properly conducted, this could result in serious birth injuries.

Birth injuries and birth defects caused by medical negligence

Welcoming a baby into this world is an exciting time for new parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere. As they prepare for the birth of their child, many things go through their mind. This often includes what they will name their child, what life will be like when they bring their newborn home and what obstacles they might face as a new parent. However, most parents do not consider the serious or grave events that could possibly occur. It is tough to consider the difficulties of child birthing or the possibility of their baby suffering birth injuries because of the errors or negligence of a medical professional.

Who can be sued in a birth injury case?

When you or a loved gets admitted to the hospital, for whatever reason, it's reasonable to expect that you will come out of the place in better shape than when you entered. Most of the time, that's exactly what happens. But there are times in nearly every medical facility in Massachusetts when something goes wrong.

Contributing factors in cerebral palsy cases

A Massachusetts family dealing with cerebral palsy could experience a wide range of medical challenges through the life of a child born with the condition. The prevailing belief is that CP occurs because of a child being deprived of oxygen during birth. While this can be a contributing factor, this is not always the case. In fact, scientists are now finding that this is representative of very few instances of the condition.

Taking legal action after a birth injury

From painting the nursery to deciding on a name, for expecting parents the months leading up to a baby's birth are often full of excitement and anticipation. When the day finally arrives and a baby's birth is imminent, the hope is that everything goes according to plan and a baby's birth is relatively easy and free from complications. Unfortunately, this isn't always that case and when it becomes clear that a baby has suffered harm or injury, it's important to thoroughly investigate what went wrong.

Does Cerebral Palsy only affect a child's movement?

Many people in Massachusetts are completely unfamiliar with Cerebral Palsy, but for those who have at least an inkling of what CP is, it may be surprising to learn the affliction comes with a wide array of effects. CP, which may be the result of a birth injury or error during delivery, can have a comprehensive effect on a child's life. As that child grows up, CP can continue to exhibit itself through many different outcomes.

Pregnancy precautions don't stop after birth

After a baby has been safely delivered, the family usually breaths a big sigh of relief. For Worcester women who have had difficult pregnancies, the period after birth can be a particular relief since birth injury may have been a concern. For all women, though, the period after birth may involve some discomfort and bodily changes. For some new mothers, the period following delivery may also entail some warning signs.

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