Subcontractor Third Party Negligence Liability Actions

Worcester, Boston, Fitchburg Injury Lawyers For Holding Subcontractors Liable In Third Party Negligence Actions

When a subcontractor or an employee of a temporary agency is injured at a job site and the injuries are caused by the negligence of another subcontractor (or that other subcontractor's employees), then the injured worker can bring a third-party negligence claim or lawsuit against the other subcontractor.

In the above scenario, the injured workers' employer (i.e., the subcontractor they work for or the temporary agency they work for) would provide workers' compensation benefits via their insurer, while the other negligent subcontractor would be liable for all negligent damages, which include pain and suffering. See Third Party FAQ for additional information and examples.

If you have sustained serious personal injuries or a loved one has been killed due to the negligence of a subcontractor, contact Ellis Law Offices by telephone or email. We have been holding subcontractors liable in third-party negligence actions for over 50 years and have represented injured employees and temporary workers throughout Massachusetts, which include Suffolk County, Worcester County, and Middlesex. For your convenience, home and hospital visits available.