Massachusetts Workplace Accidents

If You Were Injured At Work, Know Your Rights

Injuries that occur at work often bring a great many questions — questions that you may not want to ask your employer. It is often a good idea to talk to a lawyer experienced with workplace accidents so that you can be fully aware of your rights.

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While your employer may be concerned about your health and well-being, the employer's first concern is how a workplace accident will affect their business. Your boss may want you back to work before you are able to work safely. Your supervisor may be facing questions about OSHA regulations.

At Ellis Law Offices in Worcester, Massachusetts, our first concern is you. Your personal injury attorney will explain your rights — all of your rights, not simply workers' compensation. In a free consultation, you can ask any questions you have about workplace accidents with complete confidentiality.

It can be difficult to get straight answers about a workplace accident. Contact a personal injury lawyer experienced with workers' compensation and third-party liability. The consultation is free at Ellis Law Offices.