Verdicts And Settlements

Ellis Law Offices LLP has obtained countless jury verdicts and negotiated settlements on behalf of clients throughout Massachusetts. A number of our success stories have been featured in Lawyers Weekly as noteworthy results in high-profile or legally significant cases.

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Patient's mask becomes 'blow torch' in biopsy mishap $500,000
Allegedly dozing driver loses control, hits vehicle head-on $200,000
Teen shot with friend's air gun loses sight in one eye $1,390,000
Mall patron breaks arm in fall on icy parking lot $215,000
Teenager allegedly assaulted by staff at inpatient facility $230,000
Surgical sponge left in patient during C-section $1,000,000
Sledgehammer strikes, injures employee – Defendant seeks to modify plaintiff's weekly benefits $150,000

Other Notable Results For Our Clients

Negligent entrustment of a firearm$1,390,000
Medical malpractice surgical foreign body$1,000,000
Construction site fall from roof$984,000
Workers' compensation work-related fatality$983,000
Construction site accident severe third-degree burns$955,000
Pedestrian accident$725,000
Pedestrian accident$650,000
Factory worker injury amputation$645,000
Machine operator injury amputation$637,000
Factory worker injury amputation$550,000
Medical malpractice, burns, permanent scarring and disfigurement$500,000
Dog bite$400,000
Auto accident/excessive service of alcohol$375,000
Automobile accident$347,000
Automobile accident$325,000
Nursing home injury fall from hoyer lift$325,000
Automobile accident$300,000
Work-related automobile accident$300,000
Construction site$270,000
Workers' compensation$250,000
Work-related automobile accident$243,000
Workers' compensation$234,500
Assault and battery$230,000
Slip-and-fall on snow and ice$215,000
Fork lift drops pallet crush injury$205,000
Workers' compensation$200,000
Snow and ice defective gutter$185,000
Fall down elevator shaft$160,000
Code violation on stairway$150,000
Slip-and-fall on uneven tile surface$87,500
Lead paint no insurance$53,000
Poorly lit stairway$42,500
No stairway railing$27,500