Surgical sponge left in patient during C-section

By: admin July 10, 2006

$1 million settlement

The plaintiff underwent an emergency Caesarean section, and during the course of the procedure a surgical sponge was left within her abdomen.

One month later, the plaintiff became very ill and presented with colonic obstruction. She underwent emergency surgery to remove the sponge, which had migrated into her colon. During the procedure the plaintiff had a colostomy bag placed and the distal rectum was closed.

Following the second surgery the plaintiff sustained a leak, which required a third surgery for a revision of the colostomy and a small bowel resection.

Subsequently, the plaintiff suffered with significant infection.

Presently, the plaintiff has a very scarred and disfigured abdomen which is quite rigid. The plaintiff also has wall muscle loss.

The colostomy bag was removed approximately one year after it was put in place.

The case settled after private negotiations.

Type of action: Medical malpractice
Injuries alleged: Significant infection, multiple surgeries and permanent and significant disfigurement
Amount of settlement: $1 million
Highest offer: $1 million