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If you were seriously injured through the negligence or actions of others, you deserve to be compensated. At Ellis Law Offices, we take pride in tailored guidance and skilled representation in personal injury matters. Our Worcester law firm excels at holding parties accountable for full damages, rather than taking a low settlement or giving up on a difficult case.

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Our Worcester personal injury lawyers handle personal injury cases throughout Massachusetts. We combine our extensive medical knowledge with cutting-edge legal theories to secure your rightful compensation.

Premises Liability: Holding Property Owners Responsible

When an accident occurs on someone else's property, premises liability laws may apply. Property owners have a legal duty to ensure the safety of patrons, tenants and visitors. That liability may extend to the conduct of employees and third parties who provide maintenance or security for the property owner.

We regularly handle premises liability, strict liability and general liability claims, such as:

  • Slips-and-falls — Serious injuries can result from hazardous conditions such as ice, slippery floors, tripping hazards and building code violations.
  • Dog bite injuries — Pet owners are strictly liable for any harm caused by their dogs in an attack, including wounds, scarring and emotional trauma. Other causes of injuries are off-leash dogs causing unfortunate injury from leash entanglement or attack with your on-leash dog. This can result in serious injuries from bite or knock down. It is also common for dogs to get excited when visitors arrive, sometimes resulting in dog vs. person collisions and knock downs. These types of non-attack incidences can result in serious injuries but do not fall under strict liability. With these injuries, we must prove the traditional elements of negligence.
  • Horses and farm animal injuries — Animal owners are liable for kicks, bites and accidents involving their horses and livestock such as cows, goats and llamas. These accidents can be caused by an attack, by being violently knocked into or by these animals escaping from their enclosure and causing serious collisions with a motor vehicle.
  • Assault and battery resulting from negligent security — Owners of businesses and apartment buildings may be liable for injuries caused by inadequate security or violent bouncers who cause injuries to patrons.
  • Sexual assault resulting from negligent hiring or inadequate security — A business or landlord may be liable for damages, under respondeat superior, vicarious liability or agency law, for rape or sexual assault committed by an employee or tenant, or by a person who gained access through the property owner's negligence. A successful case is often contingent on proving that the perpetrator had prior assaults or propensity for violence, or that the attack was foreseeable and preventable through reasonable security measures or due diligence in hiring.
  • Firearm accidents and other negligent supervision — Homeowners and business owners may be liable for harm resulting from negligent entrustment of guns, reckless discharge of firearms or negligent security. Liability also may be found when parents have the duty to watch, supervise and otherwise keep safe kids/minors. While under the watch of a parent or business employee, serious injuries can occur, which is often compensable under business liability insurance or homeowner's insurance policies. An example of this kind of case is the unfortunate pool drowning accidents, where a child sustains serious brain injury or death as a result of an adult's or business employee's failure to watch, supervise and keep a child safe.
  • Falling merchandise — Injuries from products toppling from store shelves or objects falling from above, as from negligent stacking or other careless actions of employees.
  • Explosion, fire, electric shock or carbon monoxide poisoning — Serious injury or death to a tenant, house guest, business patron or visitor, resulting from utility company negligence, or from a homeowner or business failing in a duty to provide reasonable care and property maintenance.
  • Recreational vehicle and boating accidents — Injury or fatality resulting from negligent operation or negligent entrustment of an ATV, dirt bike, snowmobile, boat or personal watercraft (Jet Ski).
  • Liquor liability — When a restaurant, bar or other establishment that furnishes alcohol serves a patron excessively, and that intoxicated patron then causes a car accident or commits a physical assault causing injury to another, we bring a dram shop lawsuit against the serving establishment. Liquor stores are also liable for damages when they sell liquor to an intoxicated or underage customer who then causes a drunk driving accident or other injury.

    Full Compensation For Your Injuries And Losses

    A premises liability or general liability claim requires evidence of lasting harm. We have recovered damages for serious injuries incurred in falls, assaults, fires and accidents, including broken bones, back injuries, head trauma, severe burns and even death. In addition to physical injuries, victims of assaults, shootings or dog bites may suffer long-lasting psychological trauma. You are entitled to damages for medical bills and future medical care, for lost earnings, for pain and suffering and for any permanent disability.

    Our attorneys are strongly grounded in the medical aspects of personal injury, which in turn helps us maximize compensation. We regularly obtain good settlements for our clients, but we are always prepared to go to trial when the insurance companies will not agree to reasonable damages.

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