Railroad Crossing Accidents

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Railroad crossings are scattered throughout Massachusetts. Many of us don't pay too much attention to them, except from time to time we must stop and wait for a train to pass by. The fact is railroad crossings can be extremely dangerous. They are also more common than one might first think, as there are nearly 6,000 vehicle-train accidents per year and these collisions result in hundreds of deaths per year. Many of these accidents are caused by inadequate or malfunctioning safety devices.

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Causes Of Railroad Crossing Collisions

Some vehicle-train accidents are caused by negligent drivers disregarding safety devices. In these cases, the railroad company will not be found liable. However, in many other train-car accidents, the drivers have operated their vehicle with due care, and the fault lies with the railroad company or a government entity. Some causes of railroad crossing collision are:

  • Inadequate safety devices - Many railroad crossings have inadequate safety devices consisting of lights, signs and crossing guards/gates. Some of these railroad crossings entirely lack safety devices.
  • Malfunctioning safety devices - Many railroad crossings have adequate safety devices, but the problems arise when they are malfunctioning. The most common malfunction that often leads to catastrophic or fatal injury is when the crossing guard or gate does not lower. Vehicles often attempt to cross the tracks with a false pretense that it is safe and are then struck by an oncoming train.
  • Inadequate train maintenance - When brakes or other parts of a trash malfunction, it often leads to the train's inability to stop in time to avoid an accident.
  • Overloaded cargo - There are strict regulations that dictate the weight of a train's cargo. If the train is over the regulated limit, this may cause a train to derail and tip over causing serious injury.

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