The Internet Can Make Any Attorney Or Law Firm Look Like A Personal Injury Specialist

Today, the internet is crowded with many attorneys and law firm websites claiming to be personal injury specialists. In reality, this is often not the case.
Ask the law firm:

  • What percentage of their practice is concentrated on personal injury law
  • How many personal injury cases do they handle in a year
  • If they advertise to be a workers' compensation lawyer, does their law firm handle the case or do they refer it out to another law firm
  • How many active workers' compensation cases do they personally handle
  • If they advertise in third-party negligence law and construction site accidents, how many cases of this nature have they personally handled and what were their results? Were these cases referred out to another law firm specialist?
  • If they will handle the case all the way to a jury trial or will they need to refer it out to another attorney last minute of which you know nothing about.

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