Scissor Lift Accident

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Scissor lifts are commonly used on construction sites and by telephone utility workers, tree removal services/arbor workers, drywallers, painters, carpenters, warehouse employees, retail, manufacturing and in malls.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Bureau of Labor show that, year after year, more construction workers die from falling from heights greater than 6 feet. Of those workers who fall from heights over 6 feet, more than 30 percent of these cases result in death.

Like other aerial lifts, scissor lifts pose a serious hazard to those who work on and near them. Serious injury or death from scissor lift accidents are commonly caused by electrocution, as the lift contacts live power line wires, by falls out of the lift platform and by collapse or tip-overs. Scissor lifts can place workers to heights more than 40 feet off the ground. When mishaps occur, the injuries are usually very serious, debilitating or fatal.

Exploring All Sources Of Compensation

When scissor lift accidents occur, oftentimes employees and even some attorneys think their sole means for compensation is via workers' compensation. This is often not the case. There may be other liable parties that can be liable via third-party negligence law. Possible liable third parties are the general contractor, subcontractor, project manager, companies that perhaps negligently serviced or maintained the scissor lift or the manufacturer of the lift or the maker of a defective part on the lift.

Third-party cases require that negligence be proven to an individual other than their direct employer. These cases are complex and require a seasoned law firm that specializes in workers' compensation law, third-party negligence law and the laws and guidelines that govern aerial lift safety, i.e., OSHA.

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