Crane Accident

Massachusetts Lawyers For Crane Collapse And Other Heavy Equipment Accidents

If you or a family member was involved in a construction site crane accident,contact the attorneys at Ellis Law Offices, who have been representing injured construction workers throughout Massachusetts since 1968.

The employer, subcontractor, general contractor, project manager and others must ensure that operators of large machinery such as cranes, are fully trained and licensed, that the crane has been properly maintained and inspected, and that the surrounding conditions in which the crane is operating is safe. Examples of surrounding conditions would be: the crane has suitable, compacted and stable ground to gain proper footing and stabilization, the crane's surroundings are free from dangerous live electrical lines, and other heavy equipment is kept clear of the crane's operation. Also, all other workers in the construction site must be familiar with the operation of particular safety precautions that must be followed.

Crane Collapse And Tip-Overs

OSHA has established guidelines for overhead cranes that apply to any attachments that are used on this piece of heavy equipment. These guidelines specifically state that the attachments not exceed the rating, capacity, scope or recommendation of the manufacturer of the crane equipment.

When a crane has improper footing or has exceeded its lift capacity for the crane structure or attachments, the results can be a crane collapse or tip-over. The damage to property, injuries and fatalities that result are often very serious.

Crane Contacting Power Lines And Electrocution

One of the most common types of crane accidents is when the crane, the load it's carrying, the attachment or steel cable come into contact with live power lines. This can cause electrocution to both the crane operator, and those both in the constructed structure and on the ground. Severed live power lines are often knocked off their isolated supports, causing serious injury or death to any worker coming into contact with them.

Crane Improperly Maintained Or Serviced

Improper or negligent service to a crane by a third-party company, resulting in injury or death to persons, and or damage to property result in liability to the service contractor.

In case of crane mechanical failure or defect if a crane malfunctions causing serious injury or death, the manufacturer of the crane and the manufacturer of that particular defective part may be liable for third-party negligence damages.

Beyond Workers' Compensation Benefits - Third-Party Negligence Recovery

Even if you are collecting workers' compensation, you may be entitled to bring an additional third-party negligence claim for negligence damages, which include pain and suffering, whole body scarring, a loss of consortium and other damages. Damages often recovered in third-party negligence actions far exceed that which is recoverable under Massachusetts workers' compensation law.

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