Massachusetts Construction Accidents

On-The-Job Accidents And Third-Party Liability

Yes, if you were injured in an on-the-job construction accident, your employer will be responsible for workers' compensation to pay the medical costs of the injury as well as a percentage of your average wage.

Workers' comp, however, does not compensate you completely. That is why it is a good idea to have a lawyer who knows construction and who can quickly investigate the work accident that caused your injuries. As soon as the accident occurs "the clock starts ticking" and an aggressive and experienced construction site injury lawyer can affect the outcome of the case. The insurance coverage in these cases is often high and the injuries can be catastrophic, so there is a lot at stake. Choose your lawyer wisely.

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At Ellis Law Offices in Worcester, Massachusetts, we call in experts and begin an investigation right away to determine if a construction accident involves third-party liability. An experienced construction lawyer can make a significant difference by recovering compensation that is not covered by workers' comp such as: past, present and future pain and suffering, degradation in the quality of life, loss of marital relations and deprivation of family relationships and other financial losses.

On a construction site, there are many different possible third parties: general contractors, subcontractors, property owner, architects, construction managers, engineers, suppliers of materials and equipment. If anyone other than your employer caused or contributed to your job site injury, you could have a third-party claim.

Experts need to be called in immediately to investigate the accident so that critical evidence to prove negligence can be preserved. Early investigation can greatly increase the likelihood of a fair settlement or success at trial.

Construction site accidents are very complex and require a law firm with significant financial resources, staff, and contacts with experts to successfully bring the case to trial.

A scaffolding fall or ladder fall could be the result of defective equipment or a lack of attention to OSHA regulations by someone other than your employer. Contact us to discuss a construction site accident that caused serious injuries or wrongful death. Other examples of construction site accidents are:

  • Fall due unprotected or unguarded holes in floor
  • Fall due to no railings
  • Fall from heights, i.e., roof
  • Failure to provide staging or scaffolding where required per safety regulation
  • Aerial lift and crane accidents
  • Trench wall collapse accidents
  • Building collapses
  • Construction site explosions
  • Construction vehicle accidents
  • Modification or jury-rigging machinery in violation of safety codes
  • Electrical shock or injury

The construction accident attorneys at Ellis Law Offices have been powerful advocates for injured workers since 1963. We have a strong reputation in the insurance industry for aggressively representing injured workers and getting them the results they deserve.

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