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Posts tagged "Massachusetts"

Special week highlights dog bite prevention in America

Worcester parents are usually familiar with the safety lessons they must teach their children. Avoiding strangers, not swimming unless an adult is present, wearing a seatbelt and many more precautions tend to be common knowledge for local moms and dads. When it comes to evading dog bites, though, families who don't own pets might not know how to effectively prevent animal bites and attacks.

Assertive advocates for motorcycle accident victims

By mid-May, temperatures in Worcester tend to be growing warmer every day. While the weather may still be variable this time of year, some local residents are likely eager to take their motorcycles, scooters or mopeds out on the road. Unfortunately, just as motorcycles are on the road this time of year, negligent drivers are a threat year-round. If one has been in a motorcycle accident, there are legal options for recovering against the negligent party.

Understanding the risk factors for shoulder dystocia

Complications during pregnancy or delivery can be emotionally and physically traumatic for a Massachusetts family. Fortunately, birth injuries don't happen with most deliveries, and most local deliveries are problem-free. Still, one birth injury is too much when such a situation is preventable. One potentially damaging injury is known as shoulder dystocia and involves trauma to the child's shoulder.

New England states join efforts to curb unsafe driving habits

In New England, the month of May tends to bring the season's first real mild temperatures. As a result, many local Worcester residents may be heading out to family celebrations, graduation parties and outdoor festivals. Regardless of the driving occasion, it's important to make safety a priority. Law enforcement across the region has done just that with their "Drive to Save Lives" campaign.

Study discovers link between carpal tunnel syndrome and migraines

Being injured on-the-job could be a very serious situation. Employees and employers in Massachusetts should be aware that they could suffer a work related injury even if it is not due to a work accident. In some occupations employees are required to do repetitive work, which could lead to work-related injuries. This could result in even more serious conditions, causing workers to be out of work.

Woman suffers injuries after being hit by drunk driver

In car accidents involving pedestrians, the pedestrian has little chance of walking away unscathed. The size difference between an average vehicle and an average human being is enormous, and given the fact that a pedestrian is completely vulnerable, it is highly likely that a pedestrian will suffer injury or death in the event of an accident. Drivers need to be acutely aware of their surroundings at all times, taking extra caution not to involve a pedestrian in an accident. When they fail to do so, drivers may be found guilty of negligence.

Don't let a birth injury ruin your financial future

When a child is born, the child's parents often feel a lot of expectation. They dream about the child's future and about all the wonderful things the child will be able to accomplish. They look forward to the child's first smile, first words and first steps. And beyond these early milestones, parents have hopes about the child's educational success, career path and future family life.

Workers compensation for temporary incapacity

When Massachusetts workers go to work, they don't likely expect to be injured. However, many workers do jobs where the risk of workplace injuries is high. The risk may be inherent to the job or the workplace may be unsafe. In other situations, accidents unexpectedly occur and cause injuries in an otherwise safe workplace.

What are the risks of a C-section?

For Massachusetts families, welcoming a new baby is supposed to be a joyous time. People are often looking forward to meeting and celebrating the new member of their family. However, as many people realize, birth can be unpredictable. In any situation, a variety of complications can arise. Therefore, pregnant women, and especially laboring mothers, need to be closely monitored by medical professionals.

Focus on your recovery following a motorcycle accident

In the popular media, there is a perception that motorcycle riders are dangerous. Motorcyclists are often seen breaking laws, riding recklessly or at excessive speeds. However, in reality, most motorcyclists are law abiding citizens. They are people that enjoy the flexibility, fuel efficiency and thrill of a motorcycle. However, they are still at great risk of a motorcycle accident -- but, not one caused by their own actions, but the negligence of other drivers.

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