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Worcester Personal Injury Blog

Which type of benefits will you receive after a workplace injury?

If you are a member of the Massachusetts workforce, you will likely find comfort in knowing that your employer's workers' compensation insurance will cover your medical bills and lost wages if you should suffer a workplace injury.  However, you might have questions about the types of benefits that are available and how long it will take before you receive compensation. It is only natural to stress about the financial consequences of a debilitating injury, and your family's welfare if you no longer have an income.

Unlike Social Security Disability Insurance that only kicks in five months after your date of injury, workers' compensation benefits start right away. They typically pay medical bills immediately, and if your injury caused temporary or permanent disability, the wage replacement benefits will be effective within one week.

Birth injuries and birth defects caused by medical negligence

Welcoming a baby into this world is an exciting time for new parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere. As they prepare for the birth of their child, many things go through their mind. This often includes what they will name their child, what life will be like when they bring their newborn home and what obstacles they might face as a new parent. However, most parents do not consider the serious or grave events that could possibly occur. It is tough to consider the difficulties of child birthing or the possibility of their baby suffering birth injuries because of the errors or negligence of a medical professional.

There are two types of harms a baby could suffer because of the negligence of a medical professional. These include a birth injury and a birth defect. Complications during the pregnancy or birth of an infant could be the cause of such harms; however, they could also be the cause of avoidable situations occurring during both pregnancy and labor and delivery.

Fight for your rights after a diagnostic error

When you are ill or injured, your first instinct is to seek medical attention. We rely on the knowledge and expertise of medical professionals to properly assess our health and determine an appropriate course of treatment. When treating patients in Massachusetts and elsewhere, medical professionals are required to meet a certain standard of care. If this standard is not met, whether due to negligence or errors, a patient could suffer much harm.

In order to treat a patient, a doctor needs to make a diagnosis. However, if it is not the proper diagnosis, it could have grave results on a patient. When a doctor fails to diagnose a patient, he or she is likely to endure a worsened condition or even develop new medical conditions. At Ellis Law Office, LLP, our experienced attorneys understand the damage medical negligence can cause. Thus, we are dedicated to advocating for patients, helping them protect their rights following harmful diagnostic errors.

Tips for driving safely around motorcyclists

Especially with a few more weeks of warm weather, Worcester, Massachusetts, residents are going to find themselves sharing the road with motorcyclists. Most people recognize that they have the same obligations to watch out for motorcyclists and follow the traffic laws, just as they would when around any other vehicle.

However, there are in fact several special precautions motorists can take in order to stay safe around motorcycles, and these precautions have in mind the specific issues motorcyclists face when they are operating their vehicles.

To err may be human, but medical mistakes go beyond simple error

You trusted a health care professional with your life or the life of someone you love, only to discover that through recklessness, laziness or even just careless oversight, that trust was sorely misplaced. The worst part is that this then leaves you to shoulder the cost, financially, emotionally and physically.

A successfully litigated malpractice suit can at least address the financial aspect of medical errors, and -- to a point -- can help compensate for pain, suffering and other non-economic aspects. However, nobody wants to go through such an ordeal in the first place. While it's always the medical staff's responsibility to prevent mistakes, is there anything you can do to avoid becoming a victim?

More on the seriousness of falling accidents

A previous post on this blog discussed how falls are actually the second leading cause of spinal cord injuries. However, Worcester, Massachusetts residents should also be aware that falls are also the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs.

Although the exact symptoms and types of TBI are beyond the scope of this post, Worcester residents are probably well aware that a brain injury can and often does have serious and life-altering consequences. What this means is that a fall, even one that does not seem bad, can effectively ruin a person's life and his or her chances at continuing to maintain a job and have a steady income.

Did your doctor fail in the duty of care?

Let's say you visit a Massachusetts doctor seeking diagnosis of various symptoms your body is presenting. Perhaps you haven't been feeling well but can't put your finger on why. If your doctor says there's really no reason to suspect you are suffering anything other than fatigue and stress, and you later learn you have a serious health problem that likely should have been obvious to a licensed physician, who is responsible for any illness or injuries you may have suffered in the meantime?

A key factor toward answering that question lies in the phrase "duty of care." While no doctor is perfect or always able to correctly diagnose a particular problem, prescribe proper treatment and help every patient attain complete recovery, all doctors are obligated to keep patients as safe as possible and to fulfill their responsibilities toward their patients according to accepted medical standards of care.

What are concurrent surgeries?

Worcester, Massachusetts patients who have to go under the knife for any surgical procedure, and especially a significant one, probably do so under the assumption that their doctor is going to be attending to them in the operating room from the start of the procedure until they are moved into recovery.

This expectation, however, is not in fact always the way things really go in the operating room. Surgeons are permitted in many cases to operate on more than one patient at the same time and then to bill for both surgeries.

Massachusetts worker dies while working at house

A job at a private residence in Massachusetts ended tragically with a worker suffering a fatal crush injury while doing some contracted work on the home.

According to authorities, the fatal accident while the man, who was 50, was working under the foundation of the home in a trench. The man's employer had been contracted to remove some concrete walls from underneath the porch of the house.

Representing victims injured in slips and falls

Massachusetts residents are accustomed to having to watch where they are going. In addition to having to be careful in parking lots, on the property of different business and even at the homes of their friends and family, there is also the reality that Massachusetts is a place where there are a lot of older, cracked sidewalks and other paved areas. Moreover, in the winter, it snows and freezes, so there is always a need to be mindful of slippery snow and ice during those colder months.

Although watching one's step is always a good idea in this state, the law also requires private and public landowners to take reasonable precautions to care for their land so it is less likely that a visitor will slip and fall. This means that they have to clear up any unexpected snow and ice, especially if for some reason, ice gathers in a large patch on the ground for some reason.

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