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Trucking toward recovery after an accident with a semitrailer

Truck accidents can be quite serious, and they have the potential to cause great harm to the people involved. This is especially true for Massachusetts motorists in smaller vehicles who may be hurt because of the reckless or negligent actions of the truck driver. Because of the heavier weight and larger size of these types of vehicles, it is not unusual for even a low-speed truck accident to cause significant damage.

There are many reasons why truck accidents happen. After an accident, you may feel unsure of where to turn or what you should do next, but you do not have to deal with the aftermath alone. It is possible that you have grounds for a civil claim, which may allow you to claim financial compensation.

One killed in a four-car crash in Massachusetts

While automobiles are very convenient for travel, they do pose many risks. Unfortunately, not all drivers are safe and follow the rules of the road. Distractions occur and fatigue happens, making car accidents a real possibility at any point a person is traveling on the roadways.

According to reports, a recent four-car collision in New Bedford resulted in three people being injured and one being killed. Massachusetts State Police believe the accident began with a sideswipe crash between a Buick and a Lexus on Route 140 North. Occurring at 2:40 a.m., the crash resulted in the Lexus veering off of the road. The 35-year-old female driving the Buick stopped in the left lane of the road. Reports claim that the car might have been disabled and the lights were not on while the vehicle was stopped.

Are postal workers frequent victims of dog bites?

Owning a dog comes with a great deal of responsibility. While it is fulfilling to have a canine companion, individuals in Massachusetts and elsewhere who decide to own a dog must fully understand their obligations. Next to ensuring the health and wellbeing of the dog, dog owners need to understand how they can ensure others are protected from the potential harm a dog could cause. This means securing the dog within their property, using a leash when off their property and even posting signs that signal to visitors and trespassers that you have a dog on the premises.

Although it is cliché, most envision dogs chasing after postal workers versus a young child walking by the home. Although this has been glorified in films and cartoons, the reality is that mail carriers are put in harms way when they deliver mail to homes with dogs.

Laws concerning dog bites in Massachusetts

Owning a pet is fairly common in Massachusetts and other states across the nation. A dog can be an excellent companion for an individual or an added member to a family. While dog ownership comes with many benefits, it also comes with many responsibilities. A dog owner is responsible for the well being of the animal, as well as being accountable for the actions of the dog. Take, for example, a bite or an attack. If an individual is harmed by a dog bite or attack, a dog owner could be held liable for the injuries the victim suffers.

Depending on the rules of the state, a dog owner could be held strictly liable for an injury caused by a dog. Other states allow for "one free bite." This means that if the dog has never displayed any dangerous or violent tendencies in the past, the owner will not be held liable for a bite or an attack until he or she has specific, prior knowledge that a dog might bite or attack another person.

Taking action following a slip and fall accident

Upon entering the property of another person, we are usually under the impression that certain steps have been taken to ensure our safety. This remains true regardless of whether the property is a private residence, public store, restaurant or government building. Unfortunately, some property owners fail to take proper precautions, which could result in a serious injury to a visitor or patron of the property. Failing to clear the floor of spills and debris is the frequent culprit of a slip and fall accident.

Slipping and falling might seem like a minor event. However, depending on the cause of the slip and how a victim falls, it could result in an individual suffering serious injuries. At Ellis Law Offices, LLP, our experienced legal team understands the pain and suffering that can follow a slip and fall incident. We also understand how negligent property owners often cause these events. Because of that, our law firm is dedicated to serving individuals in Massachusetts, helping them navigate a personal injury action.

How often are C-sections performed?

Preparing to give birth is an exciting time for mothers and families in Massachusetts and elsewhere. While parents spend months prepping their lives for their first or next child, the unexpected can occur. Although birth plans lay out the wishes of the mother, these plans still need to be flexible for complications or even medical emergencies occurring during labor and delivery. While a vaginal birth might be the initial plan of a mother, she might require a C-section if something goes wrong. Although this is a surgery routinely conducted by Ob-gyns, this does not mean risks are not involved. Even more so, if the procedure is not properly conducted, this could result in serious birth injuries.

How often are C-sections performed? According to current data, a C-section is the most common surgery performed in the U.S. This means that more women receive C-sections than patients have an appendix removed or their knee replaced. Approximately one out of every three babies born, or 1.3 million babies, are delivered via C-section versus vaginally.

Trick-or-treating tips for traffic safety

With Halloween just around the corner, you, like most parents, are probably thinking about pumpkin carving, sugar highs and costume preparation. On top of all that, you may even be worrying about the dangers of the evening and already planning how best to protect your young children, since experts have long warned of the risks presented by the holiday. In fact, Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights of the entire year for young kids, but perhaps not for the reasons many think.

Though you may worry about the Halloween holiday dangers of talking to strangers or tainted treats, the real hazard lies in pedestrian deaths, especially for kids, who are more likely to be overwhelmed by the excitement of the evening and thus forget their safety. In 2015, motor vehicle accidents injured a whopping 160,000 pedestrians and killed 6,700 more, according to a report by the National Safety Council. So how can you keep your kids from becoming a statistic this Halloween?

Take action against surgical errors

It's a scary thought thinking about surgery. It is something you believe you can go without ever needing in life, but when our health fails, we are injured or we are living with a condition or a disease, surgery can be necessary. Although it is an overwhelming and scary situation, it could also be life-saving as well. Unfortunately, surgeons are humans subject to human errors. This means, despite their education and expertise, surgical errors could occur. A patient could suffer tremendously even if the mistake is minor or simple.

Based on current data, roughly 250,000 deaths occur each year because of medical errors. These errors are not a result of a surgeon's or doctor's lack of ability or insight; however, these errors tend to occur because of the variations in practices used by doctors, the underuse of safety precautions and poorly coordinated patient care among medical professionals

Investigation ensues after 2 children were struck by vehicle

Whether you are young or old, traveling by foot is a convenient way for residents in Massachusetts to get around depending on where you are and where you seek to go. However, with any form of transportation, there are some dangers associated. And with being a pedestrian, there is the risk of being hit by a motor vehicle. If a driver is not paying attention or driving safely, this could result in a serious pedestrian accident.

According to recent reports, two children were struck by a vehicle in Springfield. Authorities reported that one child is expected to fully recover from the injuries suffered in the crash while the other child suffered more serious injuries. The status of the other child was not reported at this time, and the ages of the two children are not known.

Helping navigate legal action following a motorcycle accident

While summer is leaving us, the warm weather remains in Massachusetts and other states across the nation. This is welcoming to those who enjoy spending time outdoors or those who like to travel by motorcycle. Although some motorcyclists like to ride their bikes even when the weather has turned cold, motorists generally view cold weather as a time when motorcyclists will no longer be on the roads. However, it is imperative that motorists still be on the lookout for motorcyclists no matter what month it is or what the weather is. Failure to do so could result in an accident.

A motorcycle accident tends to be a catastrophic accident site. Because motorcycles do not have the same safety features as automobiles, riders rely on a helmet and protective clothing to guard them from injuries in the event of a crash. Unfortunately, these safety features may not prevent a serious injury; thus, victims of a motorcycle crash tend to suffer severe injuries as a result.

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